The Perils Of COVID In Our Industry

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COVID-19 did bring in a lot of changes to the country and most parts of the world. In the initial stages, nobody thought it would not last for as long as it did if everyone was following all the protocols implemented by the Government. Around the world, people were getting through lockdowns, social distancing norms, and other rules that were imposed by their respective Governments, but it has been almost a year, and there haven’t been a lot of changes. Most businesses and companies learned to adapt to the changes taking place and reworked all the processes they were handling to function throughout the pandemic.

Dealing with COVID for the next six months requires more attention to the protection of employees performing the service part of our company. As we are a retail store with high customer traffic, the technicians who confront them are at the highest risk and can get sick. We have a responsibility to protect them as much as we can and make sure we are looking after our customers as well. Furthermore, there is the danger that technicians may track COVID-19 back to the office personnel. We cannot lower our guard, by not adhering to the practice of wearing our masks, gloves and washing our hands.

Most of the work that we are handling is constant, and there were not many changes except for the times that there were lockdowns throughout the country and we had to shut shop. The major challenge and disruption we were facing throughout the pandemic was the time off to employees that fear they have come in contact with infected people. We have to make sure that we regularly test the people we are working with for COVID-19.

As we provide security services, we have to work on implementing options through the store and work on setting them up in person. We could not change that setup or improve the process any better. Unfortunately, we could not even make changes to the communication patterns we are following as they were working well for us. Another challenge that we faced was remote working as we could not adapt to it because of the nature of the work that we handle, while most other companies managed to get onto the bandwagon.

Additionally, working from the office entails that you have to wear your mask at all times, and this alone presents a challenge. For the people who were working indoors, we had to make sure they were following all the restrictions set up so that people are safe and not spreading the virus.

Whenever we have people coming into the store, we make sure that we check their temperatures before they enter. We also have a mandatory mask rule and supply masks and continuously wipe off phones, keyboards, doorknobs, and spray the environment with disinfectant.

When it comes to coordinating over virtual platforms, there are a lot of challenges, and we found it a lot more convenient to either talk to people in person or coordinate over the phone. When it comes to the information that we are providing them, there was nothing that was very secretive, so we were using the best possible platforms but were not going out of the way to emphasize on something additionally encrypted or secure.

We also travel to meet clients if the trip makes sense, but we are sure to adhere to the instructions by our government officials to make sure everyone is safe. Additionally, we do not impose on meeting clients, and if some of them state that they are not open to meeting, we are alright coordinating remotely, as we have no other option.

We know that there are many out there who might think that the pandemic is not real, but we emphasize that it is not worth dying on a hunch, take all the precautions and make sure that you are staying safe.

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